John L. Pantera, CFT, SPN & Body Transformation Expert

I am not a traditional wellness author, in that I do not claim to have the latest and greatest “new” diet program that will miraculously melt away body fat with little or no effort. I am not a believer in magic pills or gimmicks that you’ve most likely seen on late night television. I also am not under any pressure whatsoever from any source of media that might influence the content of what you are about to read, which means that you now have access to a non-biased, simplified and proven lifestyle program that does not offer any empty promises, period.

I realize that by taking a non-traditional approach I am unlikely to produce a bestseller. That’s okay with me. I’m not doing this for the money. I’m not doing this for fame. I am doing this for the regular, everyday person out there that is lost in their personal journey to a healthy lifestyle, and maybe needs some help. Most of us are confused when it comes to losing body fat and staying fit and lean for good. My goal is to eliminate that confusion.

Now, on to what I am. I am a regular everyday person. I enjoy the simple things in life. I am a family man. I love and respect others and myself. I am passionate about fitness and nutrition, and changing people’s lives. I have a deep passionate affection for food, especially greasy, salty dishes. Let’s not forget my own personal love for chocolate. Sound familiar?

You see, we are all the same to a certain degree. We all have pleasures, desires, temptations and weaknesses. The bad news is for most of us these vices often apply directly to food and weight gain. The great news is that I have simplified the fat loss process and weeded through all of the useful (and use-less) information floating around out there regarding healthy living and weight loss. The result is this book, which is the last diet lifestyle book you will ever need (no more use of the word diet).

Some more about what I am: I am a Body Transformation Expert. I help people change their lives and transform their bodies through nutrition, exercise and wellness. I am a Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN) as well as a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), a well-respected leader in the health and wellness industry. Virtually all of my clients are between the ages of 34-65, with some exceptions, and most of them desperately need to lose body fat, get healthy and return to the way they used to look and feel. See, I deal with regular people. I don’t typically deal with athletes or people that are already successful on their own. This program does apply to everyone that wishes to be super lean and fit, regardless of their current fitness level, but it is directly targeted at the ordinary adult who needs help.

I have been coaching and transforming my clients through nutrition planning and exercise for well over ten years, and have contributed to hundreds of amazing success stories. I also consider myself to be a firm believer in what I preach, and not only do I use the principles in this book to transform my clients, I practice them as well.

I am hoping that my credentials and personal mantras are sufficient enough to convince you that the information in this book is worth your while. I have chosen a format for this book that is in plain English so that it is easy to read, simple to understand and, most importantly, applies to your situation. You will not find a lot of scientific jargon and confusing principles, just simple steps in layman’s terms so that you fully understand how to transform your body for life. It’s also my hope that you’ll be able to explain it to others. Heaven knows that our younger generation certainly needs some unbiased guidance in losing body fat, so my goal is to educate both you and your family in this quest for health.

There are a few things to note about this book and its contents:

  1. This program is not a gimmick. In fact, most of what you read you will find you already know or knew at some point in time.
  2. Everything in this book focuses on improving your health from a long-term lifestyle perspective, not an overnight quick fix (you know those don’t work).
  3. All of the information contained in this book is results-driven and proven, and while there is plenty of science behind the principles, I have limited the amount of specific references in order to keep the fat loss process simple.

Simple terms work best in my world, and you will be surprised at just how much of this information you will retain after starting this program. It really is simple.

Lastly, I dedicate this book to anyone who has ever struggled to achieve a goal. There is nothing quite like overcoming adversity. Anyone that has ever reached a significant goal will tell you that without resistance, there is no success. Losing body fat and choosing a fit and healthy lifestyle is one of the most difficult roads to take. You have found this book one way or another, or maybe it found you. Whatever the case, it happened for a reason. And as it turns out, it’s dedicated to YOU!

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